Design, development, validation, intelligent control

Machine Learning

Feature Engineering, Sensor Fusion, Locomotion Classification, Regression of Walking State


Wearable Sensing, Experiment Design, Modeling and Simulation

Human Robot Interaction

Intent recognition, Human augmentation, VR/AR, Emotional Robotics

Other Research

System modeling, Multiphysics, and Scientific visualization


Docendo discimus


Welcome to my website!
I am Jonathan Camargo, Ph.D. in Robotics from GeorgiaTech. I am currently working as a Visiting Researcher in Reality Labs from Meta, where I am investigating and developing the future of virtual and augmented reality. My interests are diverse but orbit around the field of Biomechatronics, wearable systems and human augmentation.
I am an alumnus from Universidad de los Andes. I double-majored in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and also did a Master in M.Eng. At Uniandes, I then worked as an Instructor in Mechanical Engineering before embarking on the PhD journey in the Exoskeleton and Prosthetic Intelligent Control (EPIC) Lab, with the great support of a Fulbright scholarship
My Ph.D. research focused on using the fusion of EMG signals and mechanical sensors for user intent recognition, working with both upper and lower limb power prosthetics. My thesis improved the understanding of locomotion and human movement and developed better interfaces for joint control of prosthetic devices.
I'm passionate about creating low friction wearable systems that reliably incorporate the user in the loop for higher accuracy and proprioception. You can find a list of my publications here.