Other Research

Great research can emerge by connecting ideas from multiple disciplines. As a curious mind, I always want to learn more and develop more skills. I enjoy exploring other research areas. This not only gives a broad spectrum of knowledge but also serves to improve my core work.

One of my favorite technologies is 3D printing and, as an advocate for open-source, I am all in the RepRap.org movement. Since I was an instructor in Uniandes I promoted open-source 3D printing, creating workshops and a course to introduce the students to the DIY printer hardware, architecture, and usage. I work with FDM, SLA, and even paste dispensing for digital PCB fabrication; I see the advantages of 3D printing as an excellent resource for education and research.

Since I worked in computational fluid dynamics, I learned the importance of scientific visualization. I like to play with rendering engines and environments with multiphysics simulations. This has given me resources to create better ways to illustrating experimental data and visualizations that allow me to understand complex phenomena.

I like to combine other materials and manufacturing techniques, molding, thermoforming, and using silicone rubbers to create better shapes for wearable attachment and even deformable robots and actuators.